The WEE Center Programs

Our Curriculum

The WEE Center provides a structured program for the children in our care. The teachers prepare the learning environment and plan appropriate lessons and experiences in the areas of pre-reading and language arts, writing, math, science, sensory, art, music, movement, and Bible by using the Maryland Model for School Readiness(MMSR).  Our Curriculum emphasizes learning as an interactive process. We provide an environment where the children can learn through play active exploration, and interaction with adults, other children and materials.

Our program is designed to meet the developmental needs of each age group, and its is implemented with attention to the different needs, interest, skills, and developmental levels of individual children within the group, including using information from an IEP or IFSP.  Copies of the daily schedule of activities for each class are distributed to parents each semester. 

The teachers in all of the classrooms use an on-going portfolio assessment journal which includes taking photographs that depict a child's active learning, collecting work samples regularly and making observations.  This type of system provides a consistent way to identify progress and the individual learning needs of each child.  From the journals,the teachers prepare an assessment based upon the  Maryland Model for School Readiness(MMSR) indicators.  We present this along with the collected work samples twice a year during the fall and spring parent teacher conferences.


Our Classrooms

The Center has six classrooms:                                   The Classroom capacities(Low child to staff ratios):

The Butterflies                   2 year olds                                          12 children/2 teachers

The Penguins                  New and younger 3 year olds                          14 children/2 teachers
The Giraffes                 Older 3 and younger 4 year olds                       14 children/2 teachers

The Pandas                   3-5 year olds Japanese Speaking Children              9 children/2 teachers

The Explorers"Jungle"        Kindergarten Transition Room*                         17 children/2 teachers

The Explorers"Safari"        Kindergarten Transition Room*                          9 children/1teacher

You can choose to be Full Time, Part Time of 2,3 or 4 full days per week, or Preschool(morning only 8am-12pm)


* The Explorers classroom is for children who did not meet the age requirement (5 years old by September 1st) for entrance into local kindergarten programs. We provide children in the Explorer classroom with learning activites and lessons similar to the curriculum in a kindergarten classroom.




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